Seagate 750GB Hard Drive

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Seagate just introduced their 7200.10 line and it uses a new technology called perpendicular recording. The net is that you can now get a 750GB hard drive (wow!). I’m actually running out of disk space with all the videos and photos I’ve been editing. Our main server has three 300GB drives and they are just about out. While these things cost $500 each right now, it means that in a desktop size machine, you can easily have three drives and get triple your disk space to 2TB. Now that is probably enough finally.

Also means on my photo scanning machine with its single 300GB drive and 75GB system drive, I can easily get to 1.5TB of storage. Cool!

The amazing thing is that a single 750GB drive at 7200 rpm now has the same performance as the WD740D, the 74GB 10,000 RPM drive I’ve been using for my system drives. So best recommendation now is to get as many of these new drives as you can find. They are more capacity *and* faster *and* not really too expensive on a $/GB basis.

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