Fast SD Cards

Now that there are 10MB (aka 66x), 20MBps (aka 133x) and even 22MBps (aka 150x) cards, its a challenge to figure out what to buy.

Core Sound — PDAudio® System has done some benchmarking, but most folks don’t do reviews of SD cards. There is also an issue with older cameras since anything bigger than 1GB requires a FAT-32 format so you can only see the first 1GB. Also, the really no-name cards like (“A-Data”: have just terrible reliability and user reviews).

Some pretty good 4GB choices are:

* “Patriot Extreme Performance 133x 4GB”:,__19252986. Patriot has a good name in system memory
* “Transcend 4GB 150x”:,__12024819. This has a $30 rebate on right now.

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