Western Digital Warranty Check


Warranty Check for End User. A very useful site, this lets you check to see if your hard drive is eligible for warranty repair. I’ve had about 50% of my Western Digital drives fail me and about half my OCZ memory, so its pretty relevant to know the warranty policy. The latest one to bite the dust is a WD2500, this is a 250GB drive, it was built in November 2003 and interestingly I thought it had a three year warranty on it, but the site says that it only has a one year retail warranty.

One of the strange things about Western Digital and most drive guys is that their OEM drives have three year warranties while their nicely packaged retail ones only have a one year. I had thought that this was a bare drive, but the serial number says that it is actually a retail one. One thing you can gather from this BTW is that the OEM drives probably are higher quality than the stuff you get from Fry’s.