Blueberrys, blueberrys everywhere


Blueberrys, blueberrys everywhere

Review of: Blueberry Hills
By: Rich Tong
Rating: 5
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This is literally at the top of the hill at the end of the road in Lake Chelan. They have a U-Pick blueberry place that is super fun, although this late in August, there are very few of those little blue delights left. The restaurant is awesome and nearly always crowded for breakfast/lunch.

The setup is a little strange, you grab a table with some of your party, then have another person stand in line to order. The food is very fast though, so don’t worry about waiting forever and the portions are enormouse.

Things to try are the blintz’s which really shouldn’t be called morning food. Also the waffles. Sadly, they don’t make pancakes. The mexican eggs (I’ve forgotten the name) are delicious and very authentic. The two eggs and ham are really good as well.

And make sure not to leave without forking over the $15 for a homemade mixed berry or blueberry pie!