No visit to chelan is complete without a visit to Slidewaters…


No visit to chelan is complete without a visit to Slidewaters...

Review of: Slidewaters At Lake Chelan
By: Rich Tong
Rating: 5
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OK, it ain't the biggest water park nor the most exciting, but as a family-oriented place that doesn't feel commercial, it is hard to beat. By noon on any sunny day it is incredibly crowded, but we've been there when it is raining and its great.

The key is to get there by 9:45, so you are the first folks in the door. Normally, they have a separate line if you have cash, so make sure you have $15 per person and you will fly in. We get all our rides in by 11AM it seems.

There are a total of ten slides and they are all different and fun. The most amazing is the Purple Haze, which is a completely pitch black and I mean black slide where you go down the tube, you go this way and that. Water splashes everywhere, you can barely breath and then you come shooting out just a millisecond after you see a dim light. Then if you are seven years old, you laugh and go running back up the hill. If you are any older, you collapse shaking. It's a great experience. really!

They have a set of slides where can go down head first and race. Alex thinks the heaviest person wins, but we've seen some great technique. A great team sport. The center slide features four with different layouts that are fun to disentangle.

There is also a gigantic hot tub to warm up in and a great kiddy area with slides from 3 feet to 30 feet tall for the little ones. They have a nice snack bar and we normally get there at 10 and can be out by 2PM feeling just great!