Dad’s Omelet’s

# Now make sure to heat the pan and add a tablespoon or so of corn oil. You want something that doesn’t smoke. For most ranges, a little higher than medium is right. You don’t want the oil to smoke, but when you put the egg in, it should sizzle and bubble. The biggest mistake folks make is dumping the eggs into a cold pan. That just guarantees sticking.
# Scramble the eggs. Two eggs makes a nice size. You can put about a tablespoon of milk. The milk make the omelet brown just about perfectly. You want the egg to bubble and then you want to move the pan up and down, so the eggs fold on themselves. YOu want bubbling, but not burning, so most times people make things too hot, so turn it down or lift the pan up if it is really smoking.
# Now put the cheese in whole the eggs are still liquid. The cheese then mixes in and you won’t have the deadly “dry” omelet disease
# Now the the mixture just setting, put in the ham or whatever, it is nice if the stuffing of the omelet gets warm, otherwise, you end up with burned outside, gookie eggs and cold middle.
# Now you gentley start to flip the omelet with a medium sized (usually 3 inch wide) no-stick flipper as Grace likes to call it. If the pan was hot, it will just roll over.
# I like to hide the seam underneath the omelet by doing a flip of the closed side downwards onto the plate. The outside should be just starting to brown.

Anyway, that’s it good luck!

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