Linda Withington can do small and large jobs…


Linda Withington can do small and large jobs...

Review of: Beers-Withington
By: Rich Tong
Rating: 4
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It wasn't clear from this if you want a landscaper or a landscape architect. This review is for an architect to plan a project.

We've had her work on a small landscaping, a big one and then a whole front lawn and she's done great each time. Not the cheapest, but you'll get a really creative design that really uses Northwest native plants.

If you are looking for the ball of evergreen and the big green lawn, she's not the right person, but she did for us one project where she used waving native grasses that looked just great. In another project, she took a really bare naked lawn and used creative hardscaping to break up the sight lines (a la Central Park or our very own Lake Washington Blvd) to make everything super private.