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!>! I haven’t had to buy dress shoes since 2004 (ok, so I don’t wear them much). Interesting to see how discounting works. I picked the Johnston & Murphy Stanza as a benchmark. The discontinued Bentley I got for $140 in late 2004, here’s what the deals are like now for shoes that are made in Italy. The exchange rate has certainly hurt.

* “Nordstrom’s”: They have them for “$198”: or just slightly off their $205 list. You do add $5 for shipping and tax.
* “Zappos”: These folks say they are the largest online sellies. They have these for $201.95 but offer free shipping so call it “even”:
* “Amazon”: They also carry for “$187”: with free shipping but also have sales tax.
* “Shoebuy”:,4546,3146,3346,3446,3646,3746,3946,4046,4246,4346,3046&b=3&b0=0.82907&b1=94.6410&b2=120.79461&scrc=2237952089&GeneralWidth=R. They are having a 15% off sale so they carry at $187 plus 15% off and free shipping. Probably the best deal still even though it is higher than the $140 I paid for similar shoes when the euro was cheaper.

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