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Wang just sent me a great set of tips on wide angle lenses and his recommendation. If you recall from
Tong Family Blog: Bob on Canon Lenses Bob talked about getting the Sigma 12-24 for wide angle work if you can find a good sample. Or the Canon 16-35L potentially.

Wang’s comment is mainly that with the 1.5x lense factor, the EFS 10-22MM makes more sense for the Digital Rebel, while the 16-35 lense is really best for the full frame 5D. Great points, Wang! Also good point that quality L lenses comes with way more size and weight, there is no such thing as a free lense (lunch 🙂

Hi Rich,

I just read your blog and would like to make a comment but found that registration is required. So I wrote this email and hope you get ideal lenses soon.

Have you considered the combination of EFS 10-22 mm for the Digital Rebel, and 16-35 for 5D? Although Sigma 12-24 could fit for both bodies, someone comments that images are not so sharp even at its best aperture 5.6-11 range. I believe getting both lenses will meet your goal for different circumstances.

In film era I’ve heard that Sigma lenses occasionally have problems on Canon bodies. Canon L lenses offer better image quality but the more weight and bulk in size decreased your fun of taking photos without being noticed 😀

Here’s a review for the sigma lens in Chinese at “dpgallery”:

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