Canon Rebates

“Matt” reminded me that you have to be pretty smart these days about photography. He sells his photos online and says you have to have a nice portfolio and then can get on stock photo sites. A good dream. Also reminded me that Glasers is a great place to rent and try lenses.

Final great tip is that if you are Canon guy, they have a regular rebate program for the Spring and the Fall and you should time your purchases accordingly. When are these, well, Canon-USA : Rebate Inquiry gives you a good sense for the last two years and there is also a good listing to get a sense of what they discount typically.

Spring 2006. 04-01-2006 to 07-15-2006
Fall 2005. 10-15-2005 to 01-15-2006
Spring 2005. 04-15-2005 to 07-15-2005
Fall 2004. 10-15-2004 to 01-31-2005

So with this, I think you can pretty much guess that the next time to buy a lense or something if you want to see a rebate is going to be mid October 2006. Set your meeting minder 🙂

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