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I’ve had this problem just about forever, many times I will get a can’t playback anything message and I have always thought it was something to do with the video codecs. I logged onto the Sony Vegas editing forums and found this issue from way back in 2003. It says that the problem isn’t with playback, but with the sound driver settings. In looking through the properties, it wouldn’t let me set any sound resolution or bit rate in the File/Properties menu, trolling through the Options/Preferences/Audio Device, I randomly changed a setting for “Audio Device Tape” from Microsoft Sound Mapper to Nvidia ASIO Driver and everything works.

Seems like there are bugs and issues with the nVidia sound on the motherboard of my DFI LanParty, so hope this might help someone else!

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Part 1:
When I click play on the transport toolbar i get an error…

An error has occurred while starting playback.
An invalid device was specified.

The details read:
The playback device does not support the current output format

Part 2:
When I save a project’s properties, I get this message:

Warning: one or more audio playback devices does not support the current sample rate ard/or bit-depth.
An invalid device was specified.

The details read:

does not support 44,100 Hz at 16 bits.
Preview Port () does not support 44,100 Hz at 16 bits.

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  1. Hello,
    I was wondering if the problems you’re having with the Sony Movie Studio program are software problems or computer problems you’re having? I’m trying to decide whether to buy Adobe Priemere 3.0 or the Sony Movie Studio+DVD. Which would you recommend for a first time movie maker? I am a school teacher working on a video/movie project.

    Don Cady

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