I got this error message, proving again that something is wrong in my codec configuration. This only happens with Musicmatch, iTunes works and everything else does. A quick google query reveals this answer. Thank you mp3machine!

mp3machine – A solution to the MMJB Waveout format not supported problem

1 Go to control panel
2 Add hardware
3 At “Welcome” screen, press next
4 Select “Yes, I have already connected this hardware”. Press next
5 Scroll down, and select “Add a new hardware device”
6 Select “Install the hardware I select from a list”
7 Select “Sound, video and game controllers”
8 Select “(standard system devices)” in pane 1, and “Audio Codecs” in pane 2
9 Press “Have Disk”
10 Enter “C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32” in the drop down box and press “OK”
11 Select “Microsoft Audio Compression Manager” and press “Next” , then “Next” again.
12 At the security screen, press “Continue anyway”

It will install, and require a reboot

If it still does not work, then follow the same procedure, but at point 11 choose “IMA ADPCM

Audio CODEC” and on the next run select “Microsoft ADPCM Audio CODEC”

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