Best Shanghai Restaurants

Even six months ago, it was hard to get many English language reviews of Shanghai restaurants, but thanks to blogging, that’s rapidly changing. Here are some sources based on a query of google:”Best Shanghai Restaurants”: “Frommer’s: Not surprising that this traditional print book has a top listing. Their “best bets”: are some traditional ones including […]

Even Better Chinese Dictionary

I’ve been using “Mandarin Tools”:, but lately I’ve found that “”: works even better. Thats mainly because you can feed it a whole chinese sentence and it shows you the pinyin and english dictionary entries. With Mandarin tools, you have to split up the sentences because it doesn’t parse very well. in Advanced Word […]

Blackberry Games

Blackberry has a few free games on “”:, but “pinstack”: has a bunch more with Tetris being the coolest. You can also get free Java games from “”: powered by performancing firefox

Blackberry Music and Video Codecs

Here is what the blackberry can playback according to “Pinstack”: and there is a freeware encoder for video that “Pinstack”: recommends. h3. Music The following Audio formats (including extensions) are supported: – ACC – audio compression formats AAC, AAC+, and EAAC+ – AMR – Adaptive Multi Rate-Narrow Band (AMR-NB) speech coder standard Supported AMR-NB rates […]

Blackberry Pearl Tips and Tricks

“Pinstack”: has an amazingly helpful list of things for the Pearl. The biggest and the incredibly bizarre keyboard shortcuts. They aren’t intuitive anymore because the keyboard is so much smaller. Keyboard Shortcuts Basic Shortcuts The following shortcuts can be used in many applications: – To move the cursor, roll the trackball. – To exit a […]

DST 2007 Patches for Blackberry

What a pain, this shift in Daylight Savings Time has burned more IT cycles for less benefit than anything I can remember. In any case, a Blackberry is completely messed up, so check “Blackberry”: for the patching needed. You have to download something to your PC and then sync it to your blackberry. And the […]

Camcorder Recommendations

Only I could go from looking for a simple camcorder for someone to suddenly finding myself on a professional film production site, looking at 4 pound broadcast quality cameras, but heck, that’s me. “Videomaker”: has a great list of top products for video types at the high end. A pretty good list of things if […]

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