Best Media Player

Well, I use a huge variety of these, from the standard Windows Media Player to everything else. Net, net, the easiest to use is for me “Zoom Player”: The main reason is that it automatically installs all the various codecs that you need automatically and they are the really great open source ones like ffdshow and gabest. They auto install it. Give it a try.

I used to love BSPlayer, but they went adware/spyware supported, so you need to find  a version like 1.36 that’s older without it. The user interface for BSPlayer to my mind is actually better, but don’t like the adware junk.

Finally choice is “VLC”: which works nicely because they integrate all the codecs together. I use this one on systems that have their audio/video configurations completely screwed up. This happens on lots of machines because there all kinds of conflicts possible.

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