June is a great month for geeks


Hey there are so many cool dates coming for buying gadgets:

* June 5. Yesterday the new MacBook Pro's were available. They have the 15" in Seattle Apple stores, but not the new 17" yet. The website was quoting delivering next week for both 15" and 17"
* June 9. Blackberry Curve on AT&T launches. A very cool device
* June 11. The new iMacs are available. Completely new industrial design.
* June 29. iPhones are available.

So break open those piggy banks.

Think Secret - With iPhone launch date out, other details emerge

A trio of iPhone television commercials Sunday night delivered the news many have been waiting for: June 29. That's the day that customers will be able to take home an Apple iPhone. Apple does plan to include two years of free phone
support with iPhone purchases, however, and an AppleCare for iPhone
plan is in the works that would cover the hardware for a period of two
years as well, similar to the AppleCare for iPod plan.

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