Hidden iMovie Files


Sometimes the Mac can be too clever for its own good. iMovie has a hidden directory structure for movies and somehow a movie I made is chewing up 50GB of disk, but you can't see it. "Discussions.apple.com":http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=5001832 tells us that iMovie keeps its files in something called a pacakge. This is a collection of files that Finder and Spotlight only see as one file.

You need to download "WhatSize":http://www.id-design.com/software/whatsize/ to figure out what is actually on the disk since packages are hidden.

To then take them apart, you that need to find the movies which have the extension _.iMovieProject_ and then you can see whats there by right clicking on the name and then choose Show Package Contents to find the Media folder with all the clips.

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