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oala101 presents…

Windows TinyXP Rev06 (brought to you by eXPerience), together with some appz.

Basically, this is Windows XP Pro SP2, with useless contents removed, for performance’s sake.
It runs fast, installs with no trouble, is updatable (passing WGA), and contains the following useful applications:

Codec Pack All in 1 v6.0.3.0
Cool Edit Pro v2.1
Daemon Tools v4.08
Directory Printer v5.1
DVD Ripper Platinum v4.0.72
DVD X Player Pro v4.1
DVD-Cloner IV v4.10
Free Download Manager v2.1
Nero v7.7.5.1
NOD32 v2.70.32
Office Pro 2003
PC Auto Shutdown v3.4
Premiere Elements v2.0
Reader v8.0
Rename v1.56.0
SnagIt v8.2.2
Spy Sweeper v5.3.2
UltraISO v8.6.1
Unlocker v1.8.5
uTorrent v1.6.1
WinRAR v3.62

Some of these applications got their useless parts cutted off (in order to fit a 700 MBs CD), but they are still fully functioning. Taking these applications as a whole, they will fit your most-common needs.

The “Save System RAM Memory” file of the eXPerience folder allows the user, simply by answering a series of user-friendly questions, to balance functionality and RAM allocation.

To set up, low-speed burn this ISO disc image on a CD- or DVD-ROM, restart the PC, boot from that ROM, then format the partition using the NTFS file system. No serial number is required.

Enjoy and SEED for a while please… thanks!

Edit: fantasyware has solved the Unicode characters problem! (thanks to him!):

To read unicode characters in TinyXP Rev06, you need a copy of untrimed WinXP to obtain those kbd***.dll and related language files. Follow these instructions.

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