Azureus Plugins


This is a cool tool for downloading and runs cross platform and also has a large plug in library. Some of the interesting ones are.

"Zeropaid": has a nice list including advanced statistics

BT and router problems? File Sharing FAQ -

Although its effectiveness is questionable, you could install a freeware IP blocker called PeerGuardian 2 ( that blocks incoming traffic from IPs that are known or suspected to be part of the surveillance networks. You can use this if you’re running the original BitTorrent client. In Azureus there’s a plug-in available called SafePeer that uses a similar block list as PeerGuardian, but it only loads when Azureus does. Use the Plugins menu to open Installation Wizard and follow the prompts until you get a list of plug-ins. Check the SafePeer box and continue through the menus to install it. When you restart Azureus, SafePeer will download the current IP block list (adding about 30 seconds to the load time).

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