OK, I love my MacBook Pro, but there are still four or five things that I can’t figure out how to do. I know these little Windows utilities so well that I just miss them. Here’s the list:

* Beyond Compare. I use this incessantly to keep the backup NAS, the main machine and my laptops in sync. The nearest analog seems to be Match on the Mac, it does the date comparisons, but unfortunately, doesn’t have the move feature, so I can update both, but it is hard to move files from one place to another. The most common use is to edit some photos on my laptop and then move the changes up the the file server at home. I tried using Parallels and Beyond Compare, but it doesn’t like the funcy name structure of the Parallel Shared Folders, so it can’t compare with files in the Mac file system.
* DVD Shrink. This is a wonderful PC utilities that helps take a big DVD backup into something that works single layer. There doesn’t seem to be anything like it on the Mac and again when I try Parallels, it dies on the funcy .PSF file space
* Nero Burn. I have lots of DVD that a saved as VIDEO_TS files, but the default Mac Finder burn doesn’t seem to create a valid Video DVD. It looks like it is just creating a Data DVD and I can’t figure out how to fool it to make a Video DVD. Mac Help is useless on this point. I don’t want to reauthor menus and things in iDVD. I need something like Nero Burn

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One response to “What’s not easy on the Mac”

  1. fxgeek Avatar

    1. Try ChronoSync – do a google search for it

    2. there are a couple of mac utilities that do this – DVD2one is one, Popcorn from roxio, If you go to versiontracker.com ad do a search for dvd you’ll find a load of utilities. – If you need to remove the protection – then use a piece of software called mac the ripper

    3. You should get toast from roxio. It’s the swiss army tool of disk burning utilities and vastly superior to the built in burning tools. If you burn a lot you really should have toast.

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