Charities and giving

Grace’s friends have been contributing to a fund to help others. A good discussion about what to do with it. Here were some suggestions:

* “Northwest Harvest”: Even a country as rich as the US has folks who don’t have enough food. It’s also easy to donate. Either drop it off at “Cherry Street”: which is 711 between 7th and 8th Avenues or most “UPS”: stores like 227 Bellevue Way NE at 2nd and Bellevue Way.
* “The Treehouse”: this is a shelter for homeless kids. They have a store there that folks can contribute to and that you can buy things for “scrip” if you are disadvantaged. Girls seem to love the concept and contributing an afternoon there.
* “Kiva”: This organization lets you contribute small sums for microfinance. You can actually see where your $10 is going to and the idea is that it is really a loan so you’ll get dollars back.

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