Canon HG10


After waiting all summer for a good hard disk HD camcorder, you either had the convenience of hard disk, but bad AVCHD quality or really great HD, but you had to use tape with the Canon HV20. Used in 1080/24p mode, the quality is very much like film.

Well, with the introduction of the Canon HG10, “Camcorderinfo”: says that we can forget the tradeoff. It comes with a 40GB hard disk (although the 24p mode doesn’t work well, the default 1080/60i mode works great). Its about $1100 street price, so not bad for the ultimate in quality.

The only thing you need now is an AVCHD compatible video editing package. The Mac’s latest iMovie does this, so you are in luck there (although I personally really dislike the interface). “Sony Vegas Movie Studio”: only (of course) works with Sony’s AVCHD video cameras of version “7.0e”:**&p_li=&p_topview=1 or later.

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