Argh, why do internet providers act so smart! Sometimes I can’t seem to send email and right now I’m discovering that this is because certain ISPs will block the SMTP port 25 (send mail) and 465 (secure send mail), so mysteriously at some access points, you can send mail and at others you can’t. Some great hosters like “TQ Hosting”: allow SMTP on port 25 and 26, so if you find that you can’t send, check with your hoster and see if they can’t open up an alternative port for you for folks like this.

So those of you using Shaw as an ISP in Canada, beware, they are likely blocking port 25 which is why you can’t send email via your hosting site or corporate site. AS “”: points out they are trying to prevet direct o MX spmming and open proxies and relays from “zombies” in their network. To get aroudn this you either have to have a nice hoster like that listed above, or you ahve to know the network you are on and thus the SMTP mail server you need to use. I’m sure another reason is that you have to have an email name to authenticate to an ISPs SMTP outbound mail server, so they feel like they have more control.

Also have heard that Comcast is blocking Bittorrent and some ISPs block skype. What an amazing pain. Like someone who sells gasoline telling you what kind of car to buy or someone who builds a highway what you can drive. Live free or die!

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