Flexcar now Zipcar


Someone was asking me about cars and how to manage them. Well, if you live in Seattle, you can actually rent a car for $10/hour. it is something called “Flexcar”:http://www.flexcar.com. You call a phone number or logon to the web, you reserve a car in any of most garages in Seattle, then you use it for some period and then return it. Incredibly convenient and you don’t pay depreciation and most importantly, if you bike or take a bus in, you don’t need to have a car. Pretty cool.

Flexcar is being acquired by “Zipcar”:http://zipcar.com, so the rate structure is changing. For business, it is a $75 signup and then $25 per person, but the rates are a little lower at $8.95 an hour. For personal, it is $75, but there is a $25 credit if you are signing up in Seattle.