Nextgen Gallery


With a hoster that provides a nominal 1.5TB in storage, it sure is tempting to put some photos up. In experimenting, Nextgen Gallery seems popular with WordPress and it seems to work (unlike Gallery which doesn't). Here are some photos. Main thing I haven't figured out is how password protection works but I think you have to hack around with .htaccess. Also, the widget doesn't interact correctly with cutline theme.

Finally, it is a little confusing, but to actually make a gallery, you need to add certain things in [brackets]. The is the only place that explains what they are.

The biggest bug I've run into so far has to do with how permissions are created. It looks like some FTP uploaders like Cyberduck likes to create folders with 600 permissions, but then Apache can't access the files, so you want things as 644 on them. Another problem is that by default a newly created gallery has no preview image, so you think it isn't working, but you have to manually select it.

Aloso unless you look at the code, it is unclear what a gallery is (this confusing is what most people call an album, that is the lowest level thing that holds photos while an album has a collection of galleries. There are a bunch of other erros that has documented. The basic issue is that these [bracket] things have to have a Page Link to so that it knows where to look to replace the [bracket] junk like with the gallery number there.

The pragmas are list here. BTW there are *no spaces* in all of this, jam all the words together with the letters.

For a slideshow :
For a album : [album=id,extend] or [album=id,compact]
For a gallery :
For a single picture : [singlepic=id,width,height,mode,float]
For a image browser : [imagebrowser=id]

Then if you load the way cool viewers called SimpleViewer and ThickViewer, you can add

[simpleviewer=id,width,height] which puts the simpleview inline
[simpleviewer=id,width,height,*< img src="image.jpg" />*] is the magic to get a popup

To show a gallery inside the TiltViewer enter the follow code :

[tiltviewer=id,width,height,*text or link*]