!<http://images.macrumors.com/article/2008/03/15/162634-803.png! “Macrumors.com”://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=454621 says the $99 Airport Express is going to get 802.11n networking. This is a very nice piece of hardware that complements the Time Capsule mainly. You can use it to add a printer to your network (in essence, it converts a USB printer into a network printer), you can use it as an access point (although it only supports 10 users, that’s all most folks would need), and if you don’t have a wired Ethernet, you can use it to extend your wireless network (it actually “bridges” or rebroadcasts up the chain). With 802.11n, most homes will just need a Time Capsule and then every so often a $99 Airport Express to have a great network throughout a home or small business.

And as another aside, I forgot to mention the update generation of MacBook and MacBook Pros (but not Airs) now have 1Gb Ethernet, so paired with a Time Capsule or Airport Extreme, you can have very fast wifi networking (802.11n is as fast as 100Mbps Ethernet) and for really high performance for video and the sort, you can use gigabit Ethernet. Nice Apple!

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