Rich’s Top 10 Songs This Week


So what am I listening to these days...sometimes it is just a few songs over and over. So check them out...Thanks to "Nutsie":, you can easily hook into the music videos of the songs you like. And with YouTube, folks are making "music videos" out of almost everything...So here is Rich's top 10 and most even have lyrics:

# Avril Lavigne. "Holding On": Great tune!
# Elliott Yamin. "Wait for You": The audio quality isn't too great and I know he's am American Idol winner, but what the heck, he's One Republic's lead and the song with Timbaland is great.
# Sheryl Crow's "Strong Enough": So this is an old one, but it shows having a big library sometimes let's you remember what you used to like. Haven't listened to this in probably two years, but it is just great. Cool lyrics.
# Wyclef Jean's "To All the Girls": It's hip hop, but it does have a message. Just listen to it. The rest of his album is equally great.
# Cassie Me & U. A relatively old one and not on Nutsie, but a great song. I know I'm genre skipping, but what the heck?
# Jordin Sparks "Tattoo": Another American Idol winner, but I do love this song anyway. Great lyrics. I'm learning to love the lyrics.
# Paula Deanda's "Walk Away": Isn't on Nutsie properly as it thinks it is from an album by Lo-Pro, but it is a terrific song. I love the "Does she play PS2 until 6 in the morning like I do"
# The Pussycat Dolls' "Stickwitu": This is a great video and they may be a former burlesque show, but boy at a great song. The video is a great way to learn spanish 🙂
# Snow Patrol's "Chasing Cars": The only real rock song on the list. The image of just chasing cars and the teenage years are awesome!
# Hinder's "Lips of an Angel": I like this rock and roll mainly because it's again such a vivid image of a real life phone call.

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