I’ve had lots of problems with getting my Canon Rebel to work with my MacBook Air. First, the Compact Flash reader that I have works fine with Windows, but it was a cheap one from Targus and just refused to work with the MacBook Air. Then, after installing Canon’s software (why can’t the camera just be a USB flash device!), I kept getting hangs and things.

Turns out it was a simple thing, the el cheapo USB cable I’ve been using is just too flimsy for the Canon Rebel XT. It works fine with a “real” big heavy cable, but those flexible ones just cause the drivers to crash. Only way to get back from a crash of the EOS Utility seems to be to restart the MacBook. You’ve been warned.

I’ve had the same trouble with a USB 2.0 hard disk I’ve used. Seems like these little flexible cables work fine for small things like charging a Blackberry, but don’t work at all with certain devices. Do yourself a favor, just use the thick cables even though the flexible ones are smaller.

In contrast I’ve never had a problem with my extensible Ethernet cords. Go figure. USB is more sensitive maybe?

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