Canon Rebel XT 350D will not sync with MacBook


I’ve had lots of problems with getting my Canon Rebel to work with my MacBook Air. First, the Compact Flash reader that I have works fine with Windows, but it was a cheap one from Targus and just refused to work with the MacBook Air. Then, after installing Canon’s software (why can’t the camera just be a USB flash device!), I kept getting hangs and things.

Turns out it was a simple thing, the el cheapo USB cable I’ve been using is just too flimsy for the Canon Rebel XT. It works fine with a “real” big heavy cable, but those flexible ones just cause the drivers to crash. Only way to get back from a crash of the EOS Utility seems to be to restart the MacBook. You’ve been warned.

I’ve had the same trouble with a USB 2.0 hard disk I’ve used. Seems like these little flexible cables work fine for small things like charging a Blackberry, but don’t work at all with certain devices. Do yourself a favor, just use the thick cables even though the flexible ones are smaller.

In contrast I’ve never had a problem with my extensible Ethernet cords. Go figure. USB is more sensitive maybe?

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