Ok, I’m trapped away from my Windows XP CD, what do I do?

# If you want to know the current Product Activation Key, you can download the Magical Bean Key Finder (current version 2.01). As “Mike Devlin”:http://www.mike-devlin.com/windows/key.htm points out there are a couple of key viewers pre-SP2 and post SP2.
# If you want to change you PID, you can download the “Key changer”:http://www.mike-devlin.com/downloads/index.htm#key_changer which starts the Windows Activation utility so gives you a chance to change your product key.

BTW, one amazing thing is that there is a program called Belarc Advisor that ISPs give out. This amazingly will push a personal users “key”:http://www.google.com/search?q=%22Windows+XP+Professional%22+%22Belarc+Advisor+Current+Profile%22+key%3A out onto the public internet for all to see. If you get this Belarc thing, make sure to disable it, otherwise people could see all kinds of things like your key as “My Digital Life”:http://www.mydigitallife.info/2007/04/24/search-for-genuine-and-free-windows-product-keys-online-with-google/ points out.

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