iPhone pause


So one thing in the iPhone is how do you ask it to wait 2 seconds or pause. In the Blackberry, the exclamation point (!) means wait while in the iphone all there is a two second pause you get with a it is the comma (,)

So for instance,

bq. 800-555-1212,*1,,,1234#

Generates a dial and then it waits until the phone answers and stuffs the next number in. Then it waits 6 seconds (two seconds for each comma) and dials the rest.

If you are graphical, then “tech-recipes”:http://www.tech-recipes.com/rx/2495/iphone_insert_dialing_pause_into_contact_phone_numbers shows how to do it from the iPhone, first tap on the “+” key


Then there is a pause button in the next screen


The big bug is that after the “,” the tones go from short DTMF to long tones which confuses some computers.

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