Snipe Racing

The summer season snuck in on us. At “Snipe Fleet 444”: they race every Tuesdays April-September, so time to get started with at least the Summer series June 18-July 30.

These things are a class of boat, but there are lots of manufacturers and things to consider. “Mike McLaughlin”: did a good overview article on them that is mindnumbing in complexity. You need a good used boat in the first year.

His main points are that the boat itself should be within five pounds of its weight. Otherwise, it has absorbed water. You want a boat with PVC foams. He mentions there are lots of shapes from Chubasco, Eclipse, Jibetech, McLaughlin, Mueller, Persson and Phoenix.

The mast must be a good bendty one. Cobra II, Firestix, Sidewinder, Proctor Miracle and Bryant are all OK.

The blade (daggerboard and rudder) are less improtant but should be straight and smooth.

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