WikkaWiki hacking

Well, back to making the igncap wiki work. Here are some obscure notes:

# Already talked about how get invite code to work by editing wikka.config.php
# To make sure only registered users can edit a page, you go to “Edit ACL” at the bottom of a page and click on it. Then change the * in the first column to a plus +, this means that only registered users can see the page
# To completely lockdown the Wiki, you need to change the default ACL to +, these are parameters in the wikka.config.php file at the root of the wiki

Change these:

“default_write_acl” => “+”,
“default_read_acl” => “+”,
“default_comment_acl” => “+”,

The default should be “+” for all which means that only registered users can see the pages.

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