Be Kind Rewind and Sweding

Be Kind Rewind and Sweding

John is back and gave some great recommendations for movies and films:

"Be Kind Rewind": is an ultra strange movie starring Jack Black (Kung Fu Panda's Po) and Mos Def as they reenact famous movies like Ghost Busters, you have to see it for the slapstick then appreciate the sense of community and important of film-making. Not to mention that is an homage to Passaic, NJ (not far from where I grew up).

Now of course the world has gone crazy with "sweding": which basically, well, you have to watch it to appreciate it...

Some are just amazing like Top Gun. They are more than spoofs, they are great!

Here is Armageddon...

And my favorite Terminator 2:

Other hilarious ones:

* "Die Hard":
* "Princess Bride":
* "Predator":
* "Say Anything":

Life imitates fiction 🙂