Month: July 2008

Battery Calibration

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Apple has really made this way too hard, but if you want to get the most out of your battery, it is going to take all day. Basically, you have to run the thing into the ground and then recharge it every few months according to explains what to do from “Apple”: I actually…

iPhone ringtones free with Garageband

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On older version 1.x firmware, there were some nice tools to let you use any music as a ringtone. Wiped out with 2.0 arriving. And who wants to pay $1 for a ringtone when you already own the music. Some “solutions”: For the total roll your own, “eHow”: shows you exactly how you do it…

Jailbreaking iPhone 3G with 2.0 firmware. Not!

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_Be careful, I did this on my iPhone 3G and everything seemed to work, but the phone network doesn’t, so I’m restoring my iPhone now to vanilla 2.0. Too bad, I like Mac Pacman!_ “iClarified”: has a tutorial for jailbreaking your iPhone 3G so that you can load all kinds of cool games. As if…


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There is so much innovation in projectors right now. My buddy Mac has done a great job looking for some that really work. Really bright, small and light. “Laptop Magazine”: has a good summary of reviews. Also you can use “”: and in particular 1080p “projectors”: and “Projector Central”: The most confusing thing about this…

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