2 Replies to “Google Calendar CalDAV let’s you replace Entourage with Mac Mail, iCal and AddressBook”

  1. frankly its a kind of hack because google does not sync as far as I can see and have used all the above you have 2 options

    1 / exchange and use a CalDAV plugin to exchange for you iCal

    2/ kerio Mailserver
    (disclaimer I work a lot with kerio mailserver)

    these are really your 2 options where everything just sync’s and works…


    John Jones

  2. @john.jones.name: I agree, but where do you get a CalDAV plugin for Exchange where you are running a hosted Exchange. Sigh.

    So the only real option is Kerio which we tried. The main issue is that it absolutely choked on my 7,000 contact database. Simply couldn’t do any sync. Some day when we get a chance we’ll have to try ActiveSync and see if that works better. iPhone ActiveSync is pretty incredible. Syncs 7000 contacts and big calendars amazingly quickly. Much faster than Blackberry

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