I’m such an idiot

I’m such an idiot

I jammed a superdrive back in April. Forgot about not leaving a DVD in there and now Microsoft Office 2008 is stuck in there and it won't come out. I can actually hear the drive spinup and try to access and then stop. Once I even got the CD icon for a second. Looks to me like leaving a DVD in the Superdrive and then sticking it into your backpack causes the DVD to move around and then the Superdrive gives up. How frustrating. Oh well, I guess I have to return to Apple.

Amazingly dumb there is no mechanical switch. And yes, that mouse button down during boot doesn't work and there is not little reset switch that releases the mechanism. Apple is great but not perfect 🙁

The most frustrating thing though is that Tongfamily is the first hit for a Superdrive jam. Sigh.

MacBook Air SuperDrive jam | Tongfamily.com

Hey watch out, I haven’t used the superdrive much, but when I left a DVD in there and on the airplane tried to play it, the DVD just grinded and stuck.

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