Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Songs 1958-2008 looking for sad songs


When I’m sad, I do listen to more music. Rihanna’s Take a Bow is my single favorite for runs, but “Billboard”: has their top 100 of all time. Thanks to YouTube, you can easily listen to all the hits.

It is kind of cool the songs thye picked. I wouldn’t have thought so here are the “Top 10”: BTW, if you just want the MP3 of the YouTube songs, then “”: lets you do that or try “Freez”: FLV to MP3 Converter. Or if you want to their FLV to MP4 converter if you want to put it on your iphone and don’t like searching through YouTube. Or you can use “”: that does this online FLV to MP4 conversion.

# The Twist. Chubby Checker. Well, I guess I don’t completely understand this one, but it is a good tune. A classic rocking album.
# Smooth. I admit it I’m not a huge fan of Santana, but his riffs are great.
# Mack the Knife. Really?
# “How do I live”: I actually don’t remember this song. 1997-98 was a blur I guess. But a great R&B song. LeAnn Rimes was 14 when she recorded it. I love the lyrics. “How do I breath without you?”
# Macarena. Really? That is the top 5 of all time???
# Physical. Bubble gum by Olivia Newton-John (whatever happened to her?)
# You Light Up My Life. I listened to that Debby Boone song about a million times in high school, so I can’t go back.
# Hey Jude. Finally a Beatles song.
# “We Belong Together”: I must have been asleep when this was release. Loved the early Mariah Carey]
# “Unbreak my heart”: A Classic R&B tune, which is just OK to me.
# “Yeah”: I wasn’t a hip hop fan in 2004 (that was in 2006 that really started), so missed some really great tunes like this Usher one. Comes from Usher’s Confessions which went 1.1M copies in the first week. Ah the days before iPods 🙂
# Bette Davis Eyes. A 1981 hit. College for me and I listened to it way too much. Kim Carnes is great and I have it vinyl which dates me but still like it.
# Endless Love. Argh. 1981. I heard this one way too much!
# Tonight’s the Night. OK, I feel like I really am a sweaty teenager again
# Foolish Games. I somehow missed Jewel when she released. Too busy working in 1997 I guess.
# I do it for you. OK, I admit it I’m not a soft pop fan.
# I”ll Make Love to You. A classic R&B song.

Anyway more miscellaneous ones now in no particular order:

* The Police Every Breath You Take. Haven’t heard it in a long time. The Police in 1983 were amazing! Off their Synchronicity album.
* “Golddigger”: A great friend introduced me to this song two years ago and to loving hip hop. I still remember listening with one earphone to the song thinking, wow, how cool. A big hit in 2005.
* “Apologize”: is of course recent but I still love it!]
* I Love Rock N Roll. Joan Jett was always so cool.
* “Dilemma”: was Nelly’s big hit in 2002. Pretty great lyrics.
* “Nothing Compares 2 U”: by Sinead O’Connor captures the way I feel quite a bit 🙂

OK, if you just want to listen to songs, thanks YouTube!

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