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  1. owch. eleven grand for airfare the maldives and back! we did a safari trip a few years ago – and it was cheaper to fly around the world business class with a RTW ticket than it was to go BA economy+ there and back. The ticket was with United / UAE and ran about $6500.

    Our RTW travel blog is on http://www.prikkinu.com if you wanna check it out. you might especially like the “what photo gear to take on safari page” http://www.prikkinu.com/index.php/africa/what-camera-gear-to-take-on-safari/, albeit a few years out of date now…

  2. @brettm: Great to know Brett. Yes, these business class fares are a ripoff. Going to China or to Australia is also about $5K a leg, so it is about the right price. I haven’t heard about round-the-world business class, so I’ll have to ask about it. Love to check out the photo gear. Hope things are well with you!

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