Geek street

Geek street

While I love the iPhone. I have to say some of it's quirks are really annoying. Here's my list. If anyone can find work arounds let me know.

1. Activesync doesn't work in airplane mode! Man ur on an airplane reading your exchange mail and it won't delete messages. Just says can't do it. Works fine with IMAP. Who doesn't need to read and delete mail?

2. Dial anything. Ur looking at your calendar. There is the conference call number but u can't dial it. Blackberry allows u to dial anything that looks a phone number.

3. Edit contacts. U can only edit an entry that u search for. If u call someone notice their contact info is wrong, u have to re-search for gem because iPhone has this strange idea there is a read-only contact form and an edit one. Should just be one so u can fix contacts anywhere

4. U see some text on the web and want to copy it over. Why is there. I general copy and paste.

5. There is no way to delete a photo other than thru the photo app. Like contacts there is this idea of view only and edit panes why? If u see a photo u should just be able to delete doesn't matter where it came from.

6. Return exactly where u were. With blackberry if u task switch say to look at email for an address when u flip back to say the contact app ur exactly where u left it. So u can edit lookup and return. Buy with the iPhone apps just return to their start state so U look up. Then u have to write down on scratch paper the phone number and then search again for the contact. Worse yet if u partially edit and switch then u lose all edits! Arrgh.

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