Two years ago a dear friend gave me the gift of really listening to lyrics. In my current mood I've been listening to lots of Fort Minor, Lifehouse, Linkin Park and Beyonce. I love the fact that Fort Minor is really Mike of Linkin Park fame doing rap.

So here are things to listen to:

Beyonce's If I Were A Boy "video": It is actually a great story in the song. Well done. Love it in pumped up black and white. I wish they would let you embed the video. I could watch it a hundred times and not be tired of it. Here is a decent version with lyrics.

Beyonce's Put A Ring On It "video": What she does when she's mad about breaking up.

Lifehouse's Broken. Really great lyrics and a love lost.

Fort Minor's Remember The Name. It's the way I feel sometimes. Anonymous but doing good work.

Fort Minor's Where'd You Go. An anthem to everyone left behind. The video had me in tears. About someone deploying to Iraq. I love YouTube!

Linkin Park's What Have I Done. A great song of regret and there is no alibi. So let mercy come and I face myself. It's just so true and let go of what I've done...

Akon (ft. 2Pac and Bone Thugs) I Tried So Hard. An oldie, but reminder of how sometimes you just have to wait. Love the 5 steps forwards, 7 steps back line.