A common day trip from Shanghai is to see Suzhou. I have never actually been there but is actually quite a good guide. It takes about two hours with no traffice to get there. It is 86 km from Hongqiao and 120 km from Pudong Airport.

It’s famous for the canals (of Mission Impossible 2 fame 🙂

  1. Li Gong waterside(李公堤) has famous Suzhou local food
  2. Ping Jiang Lu. Beautiful walk don ancient road paved with thousand year old stone
  3. Tiger Hill Pagoda and Hill (Yunyan Ta and Huqiu Shan) very significant historically one of the few remaining Song dynasty pagodas. Burial ground for He Lu, founder of Suzhou
  4. The Humble Administrator’s Garden (Zhuo Zheng Yuan 拙政园) tours every 5-10 minutes iwth striking views
  5. The Lingering Garden (Liu Yuan 留园) one of the largest and most
    important classical gardens in Suzhou and declared a World Heritage
    Site by UNESCO in 1997.
  6. Pan Men is 2,500 years old and was first built by the state of
    Wu in the Warring States Period. It is renowned for its unique
    structure as a combined water and land gate. The remaining wall is 300
    m long and 5 m high.
  7. Song He Lou (松鶴楼), 141 Guanqian Jie, ☎ 67700688 (). The
    “Pine and Crane” is not just the most famous restaurant in town, but
    reputedly the oldest in all of China (about 250 years old)
  8. Tong Li waterside township outside of town

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