Help! i don’t know what is happening, but somehow i’m getting intermittent “database connection failed” and then sometimes the WordPress Install screen comes up like it forgot there was any connection at all. No idea why this has happened, but support did understand it. I haven’t tried

No help from bluehost faq, wordpress or from googling around and I don’t understand the error logs, but their tech support did come back (sorry for posting earlier the instability issues). I was frustrated. Here is what you need to know if it happens to you:

  • SQL was indeed having some issues and one of your tables crashed. The specific table in question was the options table. If that crashes, wordpress doesn’t recognize the installed data and looks to re-install itself. This has been repaired and we did some upgrades to MySQL to ensure server stability. Use “PhpMyAdmin”: to look at the databases and choose repair for all of them.
  • The red dots refer to drive space available in cpanel and we are looking into that as we speak, so if you see these you might want to ask support.
  • The general section you see that error in is a general main error log for the entire server. Unless you see YOUR IP address or errors specific to your account the error has nothing to do with your account. There is no way of turning off this feature as we know it can be confusing and frustrating at this time. It is an issue with cpanel. Some error entries are local, but the system logs are for the whole server.

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