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Ok, so what if you have a list of things you need for a house, here are some that short circuits things:

* Ladders. Cosco 2061 is $80 and a good reasonable stepladder that isn’t too heavy. And Amazon Zshops has it for $100 or so including shipping
* Irons. Most are good and work well and you only have to spend $25-60 to get a good one. Amazingly Black & Decker Digital Advantage D2030 at $50 is a really a good choice all around. Far and away better than a $100 Rowenta DX880 at $120 for example. Etronics has it for $57 or so deliver but it is out of stock now. It is only $36 at Amazon.
* Ironing Boards. No great reviews here, but Amazon has a list of Ironing Board bestsellers which is better than nothing. $100 for a Rowenta IB-6200 ironing board seems like alot but people seem to love it.
* Laundry Detergent. Some surprises here, most are getting very concentrated. The winners were the Tide 2X Ultra Concentrated with Bleach Alternative With Color Clean HE (how is that for a  name!) and the Cheer version of the same. Then the Tide 2X Ultrconcentrated Original HE.
* Oven Thermometers. If you leave them in then the Polder THM-360 which is this digital gadget with probes and if you like instant read then the Taylor Weekend Warrior 806 which is digital with a probe but they don’t make it anymore it seems. They still make the 870 which is a barbeque fork version of the 806. Walmart eems to have it.
* Air Purifiers. Wow this is a complicated topic. There is CADR which measures how fast the thing cleans, above 350 is excellent. We have a whole house purifier, but if you need an in room for additional cleaning, then there is the Whirlpool Whispure AP45030S at $230 and the Kenmore Progressive 83202 at $270. The Whirlpool is actually soewhat better, so get it if you can. These are use HEPA filters but the Whirlpool looks obsolete and the Whirlpool site shows only replacement parts for it. And the Kenmore model also seems to be gone from the Sears site and apparently Whirlpool OEMed that to Sears, so no good recommendations there. So the Hunter Permalife 30547 at $270 is the last man standing although it is noisy at high speed. Lots of other ones are just real junk, so beware. Lowes has it for $269. There is a 30540 that iallergy has that seems similar but is $180 and the 30546 is $270. Confused yet? The 30546 has a CADR of 330. The line up is really confusing, but looks like. The main advantage of the Permalife is that you don’t have to ever change a filter.

| Model | CADR | Cost |
| 30750 | 95 | $175 |
| 30756 | 127 | $205 |
| 30540 | 260 | $180 |
| 30546 | 329 | $270 |

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