CES 2009

Stuck waiting for a two hour flight that will now take seven hours to get there. How sad, faster to get to Tokyo than Salt Lake!

Anyway, time to look through the latest at CES and also at the latest in projectors. AVSForum is a great resource for the high end systems

Christie HD6K-M seems like there are quite a few folks interested in that projector. It is a 3-chip DLP working at 5100 lumens with dual 200 watt lamps. It is 1080p with a dynamic iris so you get contrast of up to 10,000:1. They have an even brighter model that is call the HD10K-M with dual 350 watt lamps. Wow. Both use the DC4 chip. Main point is that you need someone who knows the system to calibrate it well.

Sim2 HT5000.

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