Canon Digital Photo Pro


I’ve never used this thing as I’ve always resorts to DxO to process my RAW images, but now the DxO is just starting to support the Canon 5D Mark II and it doesn’t yet have a module for the Canon EF 70-200 F/2.8 L IS USM lense if you can believe that, so I have to learn how to use Canon’s own RAW processor. Here are the confusing things. The other alternative is something called Bibble and then of course the generic DNG from Adobe.

Color Management. According to Photography-on-the-net, you have to manually set the display color space if you have already color calibrated, so I use the SpyderPro 2, so set this so you see the right thing on your screen. Canon’s 5527 Digital Color Management Guide is pretty helpful. It is kind of nice the guide assumes a 5D and a Pro9000 printer plus DPP. It basically says, set your 5DII to use Adobe RGB instead of sRGB and the Pro9000 can render this well. One important thing is that it says ambient light should be at 5000K (not 6500K common in video output).

To calibrate your camera, first set the picture style to faithful and select RAW output. Then take the color chart from the guide and photograph it. Then go to DPP and set working color space to Adobe RGB and choose relative colormetric. Then in Easy Print or Adode Photoshop, set it to use the ICC and also to use Relative colormetric.

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