Ski Levels

There are lots of levels now that are on the boards when you want to talk ability. What do they mean? Here’s to everyone who is a level 7 with kids just behind who in a week go from 6 to 7- or are watching their kids go from 8- to 8 πŸ™‚ But at least I went from 7- to 7…

Skiing Ability Levels

A skiing ability level is a short way of classifying skiers based on what they ski, their skiing ability, and how well they ski beginner, intermediate, or advanced trails. Knowing what skiing ability level you are is often necessary when purchasing a lesson. Knowing your skiing ability level will make sure that you get the most out of your ski lesson – your instructor needs a summary of what you can ski before they can begin to teach you. Here is a guide to the skiing ability levels.

Level One: “Never-Ever”
Level One skiers are first time skiers who have never skied before.

Level Two
Level Two skiers are cautious novices who are able to do a ” snow plow” (wedge) turn both ways and are able to stop, but linking turns smoothly may be difficult. Level Two skiers may have skied once or twice before.

Level Three
Level Three skiers are confident novices who are able to stop and make round snow plow turns on easy beginner trails.

Level Four
Level Four skiers are cautious intermediate skiers who can link turns but still moderate speed. Level Four skiers ski in a small wedge and their skis may even be parallel at the end of the turn on green or easy blue trails. Level Four is a transition level in which skiers will begin to ski more blue intermediate runs.

Level Five
Level Five skiers are intermediates who are confident on easy blue runs and ski mostly parallel but may at times use the wedge to begin a turn or to stop. Level Five skiers may be cautious on intermediate trails that are slightly steep or icy.

Level Six
Level Six skiers confidently make parallel turns on blue runs but do not ski many advanced trails. Level Six skiers use their poles to time turns. A Level Six skier is interested in learning to ski better on more challenging terrain.

Level Seven
Level Seven skiers ski controlled parallel turns and can ski very well on blue trails. Level Seven skiers can control their speed and rhythm on black diamond trails, but they are looking to ski on challenging trails with better style. Level Seven skiers can adjust the size and length of their turns and are learning to ski on a variety of different types of snow and terrain.

Level Eight
Level Eight skiers ski with good technique on all terrain and snow conditions. Level Eight skiers can ski moguls and are able to ski black diamond trails with confidence using carved turns.

Level Nine
Level Nine skiers enjoy the challenge of difficult ski trails and ski moguls, steeps, and other black diamond terrain.

Level Ten
You are learning free style mid-air tricks

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