I never have time for that anymore, but during dinner:

  • Washington DOT uses twitter. How amazing and cool. Another way to get closure information. Now that is modern government. John told me that twitter is replacing RSS. Makes sense. Follow http://twitter.com/wsdot
  • Never could get jailbreak to work. How frustrating. Couldn’t get QuickPwn to work on Windows nor Pwntool on Mac. Sigh :=(
  • MCE has a solution which takes out the huge optical drive in your Macbook and puts another drive in. With 500GB drives at $100 from newegg.com, you can now have two spindles and a terabyte on a $1200 Mac. How about that!
  • Plex is an open-source Front Row. Just tried it, it is remarkably good. Uses the Apple Remote but is way better than Front Row. Big new feature, you can watch videos from CNN, Hulu, Joost, etc. like you are watching a real TV. Combine this with Tivo on your Mac and who needs a television 🙂

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