iPhone 3.0 features galore


Wow, some cool new features for the iPhone in July. If you can stand it, wait for the new software and faster phone. Copy and past, MMS, landscape view for mail (finally!), google calendar sync, Spotlight search, tethering your PC to the iPhone, faster 3G are amonth the many features..

AppleInsider | iPhone 3.0: 100 new features for users; 1,000 new APIs for devs

For iPhone and iPod touch owners, Apple announced over 100 new features that will be available when iPhone OS 3.0 is released this summer including cut, copy and paste, which can be done within or across applications; MMS to send and receive photos; contacts; audio files and locations with the Messages app; and the ability to capture and send audio recordings on the go with the new Voice Memo app.

iPhone Copy and Paste
You double tap onto the text, and it automatically selects that text, adding grab points you can drag to customize your selection.

Landscape view will also be available for Mail, Text and Notes. Search capabilities will be expanded, allowing customers to search within Mail, iPod and Notes or search across all key apps by typing a key word or phrase into the new Spotlight search, conveniently accessed from the Home screen.

An updated Stock app will add the ability to display recent company news and current trading information like opening or average price, trading volume or Market Cap, and will offer a landscape view to see a full screen of any stock chart. Users will also be able to view shared calendars right on their iPhone with CalDAV support and sync their calendars with iCal, Yahoo, Google and Oracle.

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    1. I agree with that, wait if you can, otherwise, know that the current iPhone is going to get much better. Personally, I now only use my iPhone in EDGE mode because battery life sucks to much and I”m normally in Wifi range. So the biggest feature of the new iPhone could be battery life.

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