Well, its time of year, if a run to the Target isn’t satisfying enough, it is amazing

Check out toysplash.com which might not have the best prices, but the simplest selection and shipping is free too πŸ™‚

If you have glasses, then aquagoggles.com has presciption lense up to -10 diopters. Plus a sale on pro goggles for $5.

Nerf guns as reviewed by Popular Mechanics is really terrific and accurate. The upcopming Nerf N-Strike Raider with a 35 round magazine looks amazing with the Vulcan belt fed being pretty cool but it jams easily. And the Maverick is really fun. Calvin recommends the Nerf Longshot. Alex says the Magstrike is absolutely amazing. I agree. Amazon has it all. The Magstrike is now just $17 from Target.

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