Argh iDVD renders scrolling credits improperly


Well, I’ve been using iMovie and iDVD quite a lot. But now in a 20 minute movie, I see that there is a obvious bug in the encoding problem. From iMovie, I have a nice 20 minute large.m4v file created by Share to Media Browser. Rooting through the .rcproject package, I can see <i>large.m4v</i> and it looks fine.

But when I add it to an iDVD, and then do a create disk image, I get a bizarre error. The credits look like random bits of the screen. As if somewhere there is a bug and iDVD is somehow accessing things that are stuck in RAM. I can see screens of old applications I’ve loaded. Seems like a bug. I’m going to try to cut down the scrolling credits and see. Wierd.

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